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The 5th and final stage of the Panafrica rally took place between Midelt and Fez, where Joan Pedrero won and Adrien Metge’s finished second!

“It was a very good finish to the race, despite the immense pressure that the riders endured” reacted David Casteu, their team-manager.

Joan Pedrero finished 5th in this final stage and won the Panafrica: “He navigated extremely well and only made a few mistakes. He truly utilized all his racing experience and expertise in winning this race. He is the flag bearer of the Sherco TVS Factory Rally Team.”

Adrien Metge finished 9th in this stage and placed 2nd overall in the Panafrica: “I gave him directions: stay with Joan. There were 100 km of dunes and the two motorcycles had to arrive safely. He did the job, he waited for Joan after a few meters and they rolled together. They worked as a team, it’s a great satisfaction as a manager. “

Aravind KP finished in 16th place: “He was instructed to bring the bike back safely to the finish and have fun. He rode with his Indian compatriot, they both arrived with a smile. He gained a lot of experience in navigation and continued to gain physical strength. He did well during the whole race “.

The Sherco TVS Factory Rally Team manager concludes: “Today I was stressed during the two-hour special. Anything can happen between the start and when the checkered flag is reached! I was very happy to see them coming together in 1st and 2nd place. It is an extraordinary accomplishment for Sherco, for our partners and our riders. I am very happy for the team that has stood behind them. I am confident for the future.”

The next race will start on October 4th with the OilLibya Rally of Morocco where the Sherco TVS Factory Rally Team will be at full strength with the return of Santolino. The four riders will be racing on the new Dakar bikes.

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