Grand Prix of Sweden

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Grand Prix of Sweden

Only a week after the Grand Prix of Finland, the Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship takes the direction of Sweden, more precisely in Enköping for the 5th race of the season.


A great first

After Ostersund in 2008 and Karlsborg in 2012, the EWC therefore returned to Sweden two years later. And it is the Göta MS – Motorcykel och Snöskoter that will have the privilege to organize this second stage of the Scandinavian tour. For its part, the Svenska Motorcykel – och Snösköterföbundet (SVEMO) will not miss the opportunity of returning to the EWC on his land in order to provide a great event. The Motorcycle Club, is not at its first organization of a motor race as it held seven times a round of the Swedish Enduro Championship (1974, 1975, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1986, 2008) and three of Motocross (1964, 1965, 1976)…


The Göta MS – Motorcykel och Snöskoter, with the help of Giovanni SALA (FIM Race Inspector), has drawn a 58 km lap that riders must take 4 times during the two days of racing with two time check at every turn . The paddock will be in the city center, next to the Sports Center more precisely. The Xtreme Test and the Cross Test 1 will be located near to Skälby while the Cross Test 2 is situated next to the paddock. The Enduro Test and the KTM Super Test are located on the road towards Uppsala. Note that the field will of course be quite sandy…

Enköping is located in the county of Uppsala. This beautiful city has about 22,000 inhabitants and lies close to the Mälaren Lake. The city of Enköping, which holds some of the most preserved rock art dating from the Bronze Age, is about 75 kms north-west of Stockholm and 46 km west of Uppsala. On the occasion of the Grand Prix, the Göta MS – Motorcykel och Snöskoter has partnered with the ecological association of Uppsala County, proof that Enduro and nature are complementary!

With nearly 135 entries, this Swedish Grand Prix will begin this Friday, June 13th from 19:00 with the KTM Super Test.


First victory for AUBERT?

The Enduro 2 class took a different face at the Grand Prix of Finland with long-term injury of Antoine MEO (FRA – KTM). Now Pierre-Alexandre RENET (FRA – HVA) is the new leader and he already has 28 points ahead of Johnny AUBERT (F – Beta) and 48 units on Alex SALVINI (I – Honda). While the Italian has just a very small chance to win a second consecutive title, Beta rider, who’s getting closer to a first victory, still retains significant assets but must thwart the plans of the 2012 E2 World Champion during the two days if he wants to quickly reduce the gap… And we have also seen in Heinola that the difference has tightened between the top three and the three pursuers Oriol MENA (E – Beta), Lorenzo SANTOLINO (E – Sherco) and Jonathan BARRAGAN (E – HVA). The official Sherco failed just 18 hundredths of a first podium on Saturd ay. In the fight for the fourth place, MENA is leading but SANTOLINO is increasingly threatening and consistent while BARRAGAN will also have to increase his level during the first day of racing in order to really claim the podium while Mirko GRITTI (I – KTM), shaped in Finland, comes dangerously close…

 The Grand Prix of Finland has still added more spice and suspense to a class that doesn’t miss it. If Ivan CERVANTES (ESP – KTM), struggling with his ankle, remains a fragile leader, he will resist as much as possible to the attacks of his fiery young teammate Matthew PHILLIPS (AUS – KTM). The Aussie has three consecutive victories in the pocket and doesn’t seem to want to stop in a so good way… He will intend to reach Lumezzane with minimal points behind CERVANTES… The Spanish will also be wary of Matti SEISTOLA (SF – Sherco) who seems increasingly close to a first win in the Enduro 3 with his Sherco, but also Mathias BELLINO (FRA – HVA) who intends to consolidate his third place in the provisional standings.

Behind, Luis CORREIA (P – Beta) will try again to hang his first podium of the season while Aigar LEOK (EST – TM), return to form, is also expected to top the rankings as Jérémy JOLY (FRA – KTM) disappointing in Finland and will have to do much better… Antoine BASSET (F – Gas Gas), Fabien PLANET (F – Sherco) and Deny PHILIPPAERTS (I – Beta) are also in the same situation as the former Junior World Champion.


Will CERVANTES ankle sustain a second Grand Prix?

In E1, after beating Christophe NAMBOTIN (FRA – KTM) a second time, Eero REMES (SF – TM) seems to love the highest step of the podium. But the reaction of the French on Sunday shows that the official TM will have to ride at his best level if he wants to once again close the gap… Still second in the standings, Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP – KTM) will have to quickly increase the pace to prevent REMES to steal this place and also prevent the return of Sherco Boys Anthony BOISSIERE (F) and Jeremy TARROUX (F)… For his part, Thomas OLDRATI (I – HVA), after an encouraging Grand Prix of Finland, will try once again to be back among the top five riders in the category while fetching the 6th provisional ranking of Jaume BETRIU (E – HVA). We will also have to rely on Rudy MORONI (I – KTM), very seen in Heinola, and ever-growing and approaching the best riders of the category. Attention also to Jakob MORHED (S – Honda) who will be home and ready to show he can fight with the best of the class.

In Junior, Loïc LARRIEU (FRA – HVA) is close to his first win of the season, as evidenced by his second place last Sunday with only 49 hundredths behind Danny MCCANNEY (GB – Beta). It seems that if the French unblocked his counter, everything could be sequenced and the British would have to take the high level for a thrilling end of season. We expect much better from Giacomo REDONDI (I – Beta), who lost valuable points in Heinola but also from Nicolo MORI (I – KTM) and Alessandro BATTIG (I – Honda). We will keep an eye on the performance of regional Oliver NELSON (S – KTM), Lars LÖFGREN (S – KTM), Tommi SJOSTROM (S – Gas Gas) or Aleksi JUKOLA (SF – Beta). In FIM Youth Cup 12 5cc, Davide SORECA (I – Yam) is in danger after his heavy crash in Finland, facing the rise of Albin ELOWSON (S – HVA), which evolve at home this weekend, and Matteo BRESOLIN (I – KTM), recovered after more than a season and a half in difficulties. Jérémy MIROIR (F – Yam) will have to step up after somewhat disappointing results in Finland…


 Finally, in Women Cup, the question will be whether Laïa SANZ (E – Honda) has regained his physical strength or not. Jane DANIELS (GB – HVA) and Jessica GARDINER (AUS – Sherco) will have attack in order to get the double World Champion and why not reduce the gap on a ground which is unfavorable for the Spanish. Attention also to Samantha TICHET (F – KTM), more comfortable and who sees the podium closer and closer. Local Emelie KARLSSON (S – Yam), Emmily SMALSJO (S – Gas Gas), Amanda ELVIN (S – KTM), Sanna BERGMAN (S – HVA) and the Finnish Marita NYQVIST (FIN – Yam) and Hanna MERTSALMI (SF – Yamaha) or the Norwegian Katrine RYE-HELMBOE (Honda) will remain very dangerous on land they particularly appreciate…


 No doubt this second Scandinavian step will be a great vintage and several twists and surprises are awaited. See you on June 13th, 14th and 15th in Enköping for the 5th Maxxis FIM Enduro World Championship Grand Prix where a strong and expert public will come to support the 55 Swedish riders.


Information :


–    Enköping (Uppsala county);

–    75 kilometers North-West from Stockholm and 46 kms West from Uppsala;

–    Friday, June 13th: KTM Super Test : 19h00;

–    Saturday, June 14th and Sunday, June 15th: Start: 9h00 and Finnish around 16h30;

–    Organizer: Göta MS;

–    Website:;

–    Track: 58kms – 4 laps;

–    Free Access;

–    Airport: Stockholm (75kms).

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